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blind. wednesday afternoon before 1:00, according to police, a masked intruder broke a window on the rear of her house in mckinley street northwest. the man used his fist to punch the woman in her face and head. he then made off with an apple computer. today's victim was found outside of her front door by the local mailman. she's been hospitalized. the police made a public plea for any other witnesses in the neighborhood to come forward. that may have happened already. the neighborhood listserv said the suspicious man was spotted in another nearby backyard earlier this week. and the spotters quickly snapped photos and shared those photos with police. very late this afternoon, d.c. police announced the arrest of 18-year-old tyran mcel wrath of southeast d.c. and he's in custody. he's charged with first-degree burglary and the victim remains in the hospital but she's
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expected to be released soon and is expected to recover from the beating. a nor'easter suddenly discovering -- and he's more from sharon from monmoth county, new jersey. >> reporter: i'm in an evacuated area along the new jersey shore and it's just over my shoulder here and ts is another condemned home. we have been all over the neighborhood today and most of the communities are in the fhor -- throes of recovery. he hit a snag with the nor'easter slamming the shore again yesterday. it was not a flooding eventby a snow event knocking out utility lines again, really slowed down part of the process and more
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people were without power again yesterday. and although there is a significant progress being made on that front at the height of hurricane turned superstorm sandy and we're down to 400,000. the neighborhood that i am in has been decimated by the storm and it was over my head and when that is at its peak here. it left people with not much left and there is a lot of law enforcement in this community tonight and what they doing is trying to -- there is a curfew here and they allow residents to come into the neighborhood and go to their homes and try to gather what belongings they can and they're trying to keep them safe. there is raw sewage and downed power lines and the clean upwill take months. it's unclear if some people may
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have to return to their homes. they may have to level and rebuild again. one of the things we noticed, guys, as we were coming into the neighborhood just about a block from the water here is that fema is here. they're trying to attend to the needs here and at least, i have to say, the snow has melted and that is chilly out. back to you in the studio. >> and sharon, thank you. nearby in brooklyn, new york, the heartbreaking conditions the same. many residents freezing cold, damaged homes, no electricity or water or nowhere to go. >> and we have no idea where they are. >> you keep going and you crack up at times and get up the next morning -- morning and keep going. >> fema approved $150 million for storm victims in new york.
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days after the election, a show of force after playing a major role in tuesday's outcome. latino voters marched to the white house for a message from president obama. tom fitzgerald was there now. this has to do with immigration reform. what do they expect to get out of their four years? >> reporter: when you look at the passage of the dream act in maryland, the voter turned up in states like new mexico and nevada, hispanic voters are the strongest voting blocks for democrats this year and their message was simple. the elects are over and they say they want results. cry chanting yes, we can, in both english and spanish, groups of hispanic voters and those who would like to be voters, came to the white house. >> we have a mandate right now and the president is going to deliver. >> reporter: gustavo torrez of casa in action said this part
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demonstration and part celebration of latino voting power delivers a single message on a single issue. >> the comprehensive reform, we believe that democrats want it and republicans need it. and this is a time to pass immigration reform. >> under the watchful eye of the secret service, over 100 hispanic demonstrators gathered in front of the white house. >> the country is waiting for immigrants reform laws! >> reporter: among this group, you will find veronica, an undocumented student from el salvador who has lived in maryland for seven years and wants to be a psychologist. >> the dream act means a better future for me. i would like to become a psychologist because i like to help people. it brightens my futurure. >> reporter: on tuesday, president obama captured 71% of the hispanic vote compared to mitt romney's 27% and that is a
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big dropoff for republicans who as recently in as 200 for, the then-president george w. bush wins 44% of the latino vote after embracing immigration reform. the folks here say you're reaching out to republicans as well and they're trying to reframe reform as an issue for hispanic families. >> immigration is one of the most important for us because many families want to divide and many are alone in this country. >> reporter: as election day 2012 is in the books, latino voters here say the new sound political capital to write a new chapter in the elects to come. >> reporter: the think tanks here in town, al cardenas, the chairman of the american
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consumer union said republicans could have won this vote this year if they had a bet erstading with the hispanics and will be hard-pressed to win the white house in the future without that support. big changes could be on the way for president obama's cabinet. rare for them to stay on for a second term. the attorney general eric holder is in the process of making a decision. the same goes for homeland security secretary janet napolitano. hillary clinton said she's out and so is timgiteer in. he's expictureed -- tim geitner. he's expected not to leave right away. >> people like secretary geitner have put a lot of energy into the fiscal cliff and they're going to want to see it through. >> leon panetta is expected to stay a few months to see through the negotiations over the defense cuts and budget. this afternoon, mitt romney conceded florida. the move comes as the nation still waits to see what that state decided and they're still counting ballots there, not
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surprising. and miami dade finished counting absentee ballots and on to 3,000 provisional ballots. they blame the high volume of ballots that arrived on election day for delay. they're in the business of counting ballots. inauguration preps are underway in washington. some of the area on the west side of the capital is blocked off. risers are going up, platform being built, the planners will meet the next few months to discuss security and crowd control. four years ago, the inauguration crowd is the largest on the mall and there is no estimate for this january's ceremony. straight ahead on the news edge. >> your man. [ indiscernible ] >> they're graphic and in your face. are the antismoking ads work something then, how one city's plan to catch speeding drivers back fired. sue. >> and a nice bright day here.
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breezy and still very chilly. we have a pattern change that we're tacking about. we'll show you the latest with the nor'easter, too, and how much snow we have had up there. what is on tap for sports? >> the latest on the health of wizards guard john wall after a visit to the doctor and time lapse video on how to turn an aircraft player into a basketball court. and one area the redskins need to improve in and has nothing to do with talent or scheme. >> and if you have a story idea, there is the number and e- mail address. 
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. speed cameras generating so much revenue n. bowie, people are slowing down and the result is that the city expects is to collect less this fiscal year compared to last. and that is 110,000 speeding tickets and this is dropping to fewer than 40,000 tickets.
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in alexandrea, they asking for help to identify a couple of men who robbed the seven- eleven store last month. -- 7-eleven store last month. it shows the men enterring the store. the suspect jumped over the counter and grabbed the clerk, the other suspect cleaned out the cash register. the clerk was pushed to the ground and not hur the. the pentagon confirms on fire to the u.s. predator drone. it happened last week when the aircraft was hovering in international airspace. >> and unmanned, u.s. military for aircraft, conducting routine surveillance over the arabian gulf, intercepted by the frog foot aircraft and was fired upon with guns. >> it comes as the obama administration imposed a new round of financial sanctions against iran to stop tehran from moving forward with the ambitions to build a nuclear weapon. >> coming up on the news edge. yo i would wake up and every day i would say today's the day
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i'm not going do it. >> a former rockette opens up about her battle with bulima. her advice to other young dancers and performers. >> that kid is five. an internet sensation. oh, my goodness. he's the real deal. he appeared on the ellen show after conspiraciy thiso rifts believed his rendition of the plight of the bumblebee. he can really play the piano. a@
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. holidays are drawing near. there the is a lot going on behind the scenes of the holiday show. one former dancer is opening up about her battle with bulima.
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>> reporter: when gretta became a radio city rockette in 2000, she thought she would finally get her life in order. >> purging up to 30 times a day and spending $100 a day on food. i became depressed. >> reporter: the lifelong dancer dreamed of becoming a rockette since she was a little girl in kansas city. when she made it to new york city, she was in the throes of an eating disorder show struggled with since she was 16 years ole. >> and the foods would be buy the hershey's kisses, french onion dip, pizza, cookies, you know, anything salty, creamy. >> reporter: binge and purge through performances and throughout the day until midnight and then her routine would start all over again. >> i would wake up and every day i would say, okay, today's the day i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: clinical psychologist and author of "end emotional eating" jennifer tate
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said because dancers are judged on their appearance, they can fall into a vicious cycle. >> there is a lot of research showing that people with buloggia struggle with managing their emotions and are misusing food to keep. >> reporter: will -- to cope. >> reporter: although there are weight requirements, the rockettes never pressured her to lose weight. she showed up for every rehearsal and performance until the last week. after two failed treatment attempts, show checked into a 28-day program in arizona. this time, treatment worked and greta was able to pursue another dream: becoming a psycho therapist specializing in eating disorders. >> i know exactly what it's like to be in the conflict that, you know, between the recovering part of yourself and the eating part of your yourself, you know, and how hard it is to manage that. >> reporter: at 39 years old, greta has a good relationship with food and has tools to cope. i'm anna coyman, fox news. >> and that. those graphic aspect
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smoking ads appear to be working. it shows real people talking about how smoking caused their paralysis, lung removal, amputations. the cdc said the ads generated 100,000 extra calls to the toll free quit line. the cdc is launching a second campaign next year. >> i'm excited about sunday. >> and it's going to be warming up. we'll show you the snow totals and the nor'easter and a live look outside here in d.c. and that is chilly again tonight. the breeze is going to stick with us the next few hours and that is being created by the departing nor easter and an area of high pressure that is going to build in and bringing us a run of several subtle days that will be warmer. checking out the snow totals, there are so many higher than this and kind of giving you a
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sample here and newark, new jersey, 6.2 inches. howell, new jersey, not too far from the coast, the home of tom fitzgerald, 13 inches, they said. central park, a daily record of 4.7; i slip, new york, 4.2 and this is where that storm is now. still spinning here off of the cape, spreading in more rain and not so much snow here, but it looks like this is the last few hours as this is starting, if you look at the last few frames, to pull away. meanwhile, we travel down the coast to find the clear skies here as the high pressure is building in and we'll have a clear night, a sunny friday and the winds should be better tomorrow. speaking of the winds, the strongest gusts right now, out here near hyannis at 44; nantucket, 47 and we start looking to the new york area and find out the gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour. down from where they were, they peaked out in the 40s, 50s in one or two spots with gusts to 60 and that is about the snow, the wind-swept snow and the
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very, very cold air that they have been going through. more power outages up there. locally, we still have some gusts as well. 23 miles an hour here in the district and we expect to be on the high side for the next few hours and that is on the chilly side. we got up to 56 degrees today. we're at 51 degrees now and with the clear skies, we'll drop later tonight. the breeze is keeping us from dropping too fast. 48 for columbus. overnight, again, we're thinking 29 for gaithersburg; 27, frederick and hagerstown. 29 in martinsberg. in the district, 36 and we're on track for warmer temperatures. let me give you an idea where we're seeing that right now. d.c., 51. still 77 in dallas. and 74 in wichita and st. louis, 55 degrees and tomorrow's not going to be a warmer day but the temperature will be feeling better and we'll describe tomorrow still on the cool side and still be in the mid-50s and some upper
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50s. the warmer stuff for the weekend, and see what we talking about. 57 tomorrow and that is's nice jump up on saturday and some places touching 70 and same goes for the official observance of veteran's day on monday at 67 and the next chance of showers is late monday into tuesday. coming up, the georgetown hoop seemed prepared for the game of a lifetime. scott smith has the latest on georgetown skids, d.c. united and an update on john wall next. eight -- . >> eight-year-old sam gordon is a football phenom and plays on the boy's youth football team in salt lake city and she's good. lack at her go. game after game. and all of the way to the end zone. scored 35 touches. running more than 1,000 yards. and 65 tackles. making her qualify to play for the redskins. today. today.
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. tonight's weather will be cold and clear for a change at red bulls arena in new jersey. no hurricane nor'easter to threaten that deciding second game of the mls semi final between united and the new york redo bulls and goes on to the eastern conference finals. this is the same jersey last night. the snow blanketed the pitch and the grounds crew didn't have the equipment to properly clear without damaging the surface. after a 45-minute delay, they decided to postpone it to tonight. barring unforeseen act of mother nature. the match starts at 7:30. >> and there is one area the redskins ranked first in the nfl and that is nothing to brag about. they're the most penalized team in the nfl. 75 flags through nine games and over the biweek, add discipline to the areas where they seem to focus on. last sunday against carolina,
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13 penalties and in fact, on one red zone possession, not just one, but two touchdowns were nullified due to flags and that has been the skins achilles all season, one of the reasons why they sit 3-6. mike shanahan hopes to start beating the opponents once they beat themselves. >> and kind of, you know, just disheartening. you work on that and that is a phase that we have been good at. we'll get better at it. i know we will and we have a lot of guys working together for the first time. >> and there is a lot of things going to be good in the game. you have to find a way to win and overcome the mistakes. obviously, we didn't overcome them. >> andion wall's recovery is heading in the right direction and he visited a doctor for an mri and expected to miss the next two to three weeks. without him, the wiz aren withless. last night a tough one in overtime for the celtics.
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the wizards battle from 11 down in the fourth quarter and with that chris singleton jam. a 194 final, they host the bucs tomorrow night. check this out. the makeover of the uss baton. the amphibious assault ship will play host to georgetown in florida season opener, constructing bleachers and laying a hard wood floor for friday's navy marine corps classic. certainly going to be a unique atmosphere off of the coast of jackson i have. >> this is bigger than a game. it's a privilege for the program and the school to have an opportunity to go to the sailors and have the opportunity to go and to learn about and interact with the sailors and that is an honor alone. >> and florida's starting point guard has been suspended from that game. finally, the nationals and manager davie johnson are
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expected to finalize a new contract very soon. the d.c. sky line is up for debate in congress. why some local leaders want to ease the tight restrictions, and we're kicking off a new highlight. we're highlighting new businesses and services that could be the next big thing. tonight, hair care, men's accessories and an app helping to you plan out your night life. those stories and the latest on the nor'easter misery. brian. >> and shawn and i will join you tonight at 10. see you back here for the news edge len. -- news edge at 11. 
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